ITS Machina Lonati

ITS Machina Lonati is a Higher Education Institute on New Technologies for Made in Italy business. It proposes five undergraduate training courses, lasting two years, according to the greater working requirements of the Italian national business and industries: Technological Stylist, 3D Fashion Designer, Marketing and Communication for the Companies internationalisation, District Manager 4.0 (in collaboration with Calzedonia Group), Product & Design Manager 4.0. 

Training technological laboratories, workshops and projects on the job are essential in all courses, under the guidance of expert, professional and teachers, here students develop skills that can be immediately applied in the world of work. Every course includes 700/800 hours of training internship. Thanks also to this acquired expertise, about 85% of students find work in their sector of interest within 12 months afer graduation. At the end of the two-years period of study, students achieve a certified “Higher Technical Diploma” that corresponds to the 5th level of European Certification Framework (EQF) valid in all EU countries. ITS Machina Lonati is based in the city of Brescia, in the Northern Italy. Courses can be attended by undergraduate students with a Secondary education diploma or Professional diploma integrated with an annual IFTS course, or other qualifications obtained abroad or eligible and approved. An admission test and an interview are required upon registration.

ITS Machina Lonati is right choice to specialize and find a job in the Fashion Industry and the 3D Tecnology, Design and International Marketing of the Retail.