Piattaforma Moda ETS aims to represent the entire landscape of the fashion education in Italy. To do this, it’s in touch with schools, academies, institutes and universities involving them in its initiatives.

Research and Analysis

Piattaforma Moda ETS sponsors a yearly analysis of:

It systematically collects data from trade associations or institutional sources that illustrate in detail the demands of the professional market in the textile-clothing industry.


Acknowledgment process

Piattaforma Moda ETS promotes a strong action towards institutions to obtain the gradual acknowledgment, by the competent bodies, of all suitable partners. In particular, it will develop its relations with the local education superintendency and, through it, with the Ministry of Public Education.

New talents, new occupations

Piattaforma Moda ETS coordinates an action of alignment between the educational offer of its school members and the market needs, focusing also on professional segments not covered, to make known to the target audience also the new professions through events, publications, meetings in high schools, conferences and a dedicated website.

Piattaforma Moda ETS promotes patronage and mentoring by gathering a team of companies, associations and individuals who financially and operationally help the development of new talent through scholarships, sponsoring and the creation of a permanent incubator structure specifically dedicated to alumni of member schools.