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Piattaforma Moda ETS Partner of Festival dell’Umano

Piattaforma Sistema Formativo Moda ETS has taken up the invitation of the Associazione IoSono to involve students from its member schools, representing the main Italian academies, institutes and universities of art, fashion and design, in the first edition of the Festival dell’Umano. The event brings together students, politicians, managers, entrepreneurs, academics and leading professionals to think about the role of the Human Being in the digital age.

There will be 87 students involved in the various creative disciplines from the Accademia della Moda IUADAFOL Moda MilanoFerrari Fashion SchoolIAAD, Istituto d’Arte Applicata e DesignIED Istituto Europeo di DesignIstituto MarangoniIstituto di Moda BurgoIstituto ModartechIstituto SecoliNABANuova Accademia Belle ArtiNext Fashion SchoolParticipation in this initiative of thought and discussion is an important opportunity for students to start a process of knowledge and awareness of issues that can enrich and stimulate their creative process. 

Starting in March, on a virtual platform, 670 people, divided into 67 working groups, will be thinking about the fundamental themes of human existence: ontology, ethics and aesthetics. On 18th September 2021 the participants will conclude their debate live, at the Museum of Science and Technology in Milan, inspired by the considerations of Italian leaders, artists and managers.