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2023 SFTI- Piattaforma International Conference / Expanding Global Collaboration, Leading to Innovation

On 07 July 2023, an international academic conference, entitled ‘Expanding Global Collaboration, Leading to Innovation’, was co-promoted by the association Piattaforma Sistema Formativo Moda Ente del Terzo Settore (PSFM) and the Korean ‘Society of Fashion & Textile Industry’ (SFTI), with the aim of contributing professionally to the progress of scientific research and the development of the fashion and textile industry.

The conference, hosted at IED Milan, included speeches by representatives and academics from universities and professionals from the clothing and textile industry, mainly from Korea and Italy but also from other countries such as China, Taiwan, Japan and Singapore, with the aim of reflecting on the importance of global collaboration leading to innovation.

Together with the conference, the 28th International Fashion Invitational Exhibition, entitled ‘Making Fashion Circular’, focused on the theme of the circular economy and involved the projects of 60 artists from more than 5 countries. The exhibition was created with the aim of raising awareness of environmental pollution and the destruction of the ecosystem and addressing sustainability as a source of inspiration from the designers’ point of view.

The collaboration between SFTI and PSFM stems from the synergy of PSFM and the Municipality of Daegu with the City of Milan, as part of the Talent to Talent program promoted by PSFM within the annual Fashion Graduate Italia event. These initiatives are part of the City of Milan’s international cooperation to promote City to City collaborations with the whole world.