Politecnico Calzaturiero

Politecnico Calzaturiero is a company founded in 2001. It works every day in the sectors of education, research and technological innovation and it realizes services of rapid prototyping, quality control of materials, workplaces’ safety and machineries’ supervision.

It is the heir of Riviera del Brenta footwear tradition, started in 1923 when the School of Arts and Jobs was created; that School has become the “School of Design and Technique of shoe”, where participants study to become patternmakers. It is still active and with more than 150 students.

Politecnico represents a diamond-point in Italy and Europe thanks to its traditional experience and competence; teachers are entrepreneurs, designers, modelers, engineers and industry consultants from the footwear sector and they make available their knowledge to Regional, National and European stakeholders.

Politecnico has the purpose to promote young orientation, to provide graduates’ training and to sustain a lifelong learning education of companies to develop the footwear sector in collaboration with schools, universities, and business stakeholders.

Every year Politecnico organizes a large number of training activities, to provide scholars with the competences required for designing and realizing products. Every schooling involves about 250 European students and the 95% of the learners are employed by Riviera del Brenta District’s companies at the end of the studies.

Politecnico promotes professional training in industrialization, communication and marketing, 3D CAD, business administration for the footwear industry; it supports technical education through hand cutting, assembling and patternmaking courses.

Politecnico Calzaturiero is the training reference for Fashion and Sports System. Tradition, innovation, talent. Because good training is a step between History and Future.