Istituto Secoli

Istituto Secoli, the School of Making Fashion

Knowing how to make fashion is much more than just a manual art: it’s a thought, a creative idea and techniques transformed into a project. It’s the passion, the culture and the goal that Istituto Secoli sets for its training courses. At Secoli are owned the deepest knowledge and methodologies of the Made in Italy, transmitted to students, from all over the world, through an educational approach aimed at the evolution of the professions in the fashion sector. The first fashion school in Italy, founded in 1934, at Secoli have been trained four generations of fashion makers, figures at the top of Italian and international brands, wise hands and skilled minds, capable of creating and designing clothes studied and redefined in every smallest detail.

The educational offer is wide and diversified and tries to respond to the different training needs; are provided, now also in a mixed formula, courses aimed at high-school graduates, who are looking for a complete training (three-year courses), at graduates (master courses) and at those who already work in the fashion field (professional courses). Furthermore, working closely with fashion companies, Secoli offers its know-how in consultancy services aimed at companies in the clothing industry, ranging from professional updating to knowledge transfer, from quality control to the optimization of the response times to the market requests.

How to design a suit, a collection, knowing the processes of the modern fashion industry: this is what you can learn at Istituto Secoli, where skills are integrated with transversal knowledge.