Istituto d'Arte Applicata e Design

IAAD was founded in 1978 in Turin and, after more than 40 years of activity, it has grown becoming one of the main poles of higher education in Italy and Europe.

For IAAD, design is a project-oriented culture, a system capable of relating production with end-users, of treating research and innovation in order to give social value and cultural significance to the goods and services distributed on the market.

The high quality standards, a teaching staff of the best professionals active in the field and a group of national and international partner companies that collaborate with the Didactic and Job placement office, are the successful elements for a rapid placement, in fact, more than 90% of students find a job within a year of completing studies.

Thanks to the agreement with the French group AD Education, today IAAD is part of a network consisting of 12 school, 36 seats (4 in Italy, 3 in Spain, 3 in Germany and 26 in France), more than 15,400 students, 1.000 instructors, all operating within an integrated teaching system composed of over 130 majors of study between Three-year Courses and Masters Degrees.

Talent incubator able to promote an interdisciplinary vision of design and to provide students with the necessary tools to be an active and constructive part of the change.