Le Scuole


Scuola Internazionale Calzaturiera

CERCAL, International Footwear School, for over 30 years develops professional profiles required in the design and manufacturing of footwear and leather-goods “Made in Italy”, in collaboration with prestigious footwear companies and lecturers from the world of work. It is a real Shoes Academy in the Cluster of San Mauro Pascoli (near to the Romagna Riviera), where the headquarter of internationally known footwear brands and important manufacturers of accessories and components are located.
Through various training proposals, we prepare professional figures in all areas of this field, with particular attention to the design and production of high quality women’s footwear.

Supported by professionals from the world of fashion, students at the School’s labs acquire high technical and design skills, refine creative research skills, and experience the typical methodologies of the footwear industry.
With the new project CERCAL LAB, the School provides its laboratories, equipment, tutors to all those people who have an interest in experimenting innovative ideas in the field of footwear and fashion, also conceiving a possible future business.

We enhance creativity, talent and operational skills of people who want to enter and grow up in the fashion system, with professional training courses that combine innovation and tradition.